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Biography:  Johnny Cash

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Known simply as "The Man in Black," he was the quitessential American troubadour of country music.

Born J.R. Cash in Arkansas in 1932, it was CAsh's musically talented mother who encouraged her son's recognizable gift of song. In 1944, disaster struck the Cash family when the singer's older brother Jack was killed in a tragic accident. Driven by his grief at what he calls the most significant event of his life, Cash turner to his music for solace. From his days touring with Elvis Presley to the drug addiction that nearly destroyed everything he had to the renaissance of his career in the early 1990's, Johnny Cash remains one of the world's greatest country music icons.

With some of Cash's most notable performances, as well as, interviews with friends, family, and fellow musicians, BIOGRAPHY proudly presents the remarkable story of JOHNNY CASH.