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Come Hither to Go Yonder

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The inside story on the Father of Bluegrass from one of his Blue Grass Boys.

AUTHOR: Bob Black, former Blue Grass Boy

Foreward by Neil  V. Rosenberg,

"Being a bluegrass banjo player and Monroe fan for most of my life, I found it easy to project myself into the situations and encounters that Black describes. This is a stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable book that I would recommend to anyone interested in Monroe's music."
-- Tom Adler, folklorist and bluegrass historian

Bill Monroe is so foundational to bluegrass music that the entire genre took its name from his band, the Blue Grass Boys. In Come Hither to Go Yonder, Bob Black recounts his years spent as a member of that seminal band.

While other work on Bill Monroe has been written from a historical point of view, Come Hither to Go Yonder is told from the perspective of a musician who was actually there. Filled with observations made from the unique vantage point of a man who has traveled and performed extensively with the master, this book is Bob Black's personal memoir about the profound infiuence that Monroe exerted on the musicians who have carried on the bluegrass tradition in the wake of his 1996 death.

This volume also includes a complete listing of Bob Black's appearances with Monroe, his most memorable experiences while they worked together, brief descriptions of the more important musicians and bands mentioned, and suggestions for further reading and listening. Offering a rare perspective on the creative forces that drove one of America's greatest composers and musical innovators, Come Hither to Go Yonder will deeply reward any fans of Bill Monroe, of bluegrass, or of American vernacular music.