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James King  Gardens In The Sky: The Bluegrass Gospel

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James King is considered among the leading voices in traditional bluegrass, summoning timeless echoes of Appalachia with a voice that is equal parts urgent, yearning, and tender. For that reason, this project - his first entirely gospel collection - has been eagerly awaited by his public, whose frequent requests for such an album inspired its release. King's interpretations of bluegrass gospel classics both vintage and modern are so uniquely suited to the powerful longing and commitment that underpins every note he sings. Gardens in the Sky combines favorites from the James King catalog with performances featured on albums by Paul Williams and Longview, King's contributions to The Stanley Gospel Tradition CD, and six previously unreleased recordings.

Track Listings


1 Will He Wait A Little Longer 02:23 Listen  
2 The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn 02:20 Listen  
3 I Just Steal Away and Pray - Paul Williams 03:02 Listen  
4 Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore 04:32 Listen  
5 Garden In The Sky 03:02 Listen  
6 Jerusalem Tomorrow 04:46 Listen  
7 It's Hot Down Here 02:25 Listen  
8 Sweeter than the Flowers 04:18 Listen  
9 Don't Worry Mama 03:09 Listen  
10 The Touch of God's Hand - Longview 02:31 Listen  
11 These Old Pictures 02:38 Listen  
12 Just as the Sun Went Down 04:05 Listen  
13 Message for Peace 03:53 Listen  
14 Angels are Singing (In Heaven Tonight) - Longview 04:28 Listen  
15 The Prettiest Flowers Will Be Blooming 03:13 Listen  
16 Voice of My Savior - Longview 03:03 Listen  
17 Will You Feel at Home 01:51 Listen  
18 Happy I'll Be 02:53 Listen